In line with HEE policy, the ARCP will be conducted in absentia, therefore you are not required to attend. To ensure the effectiveness of the ARCP process, please ensure your ISCP portfolio is up to date for your current stage of training according to your Global Objectives. Please upload all the required documents to your ISCP portfolio by the published submission date. You will receive an email on this nearer to the time. Trainees should note that any documents uploaded after the submission date may not be considered. 

In addition, please also upload the following completed documents to your ISCP portfolio under ‘Other Evidence’ section:

1) Mandatory WBA document (only for CT1 trainees) 

2) Exam Survey document (for both CT1 and CT2 trainees) 

3) Form R +/- Wider Scope of Practice forms

Please complete Part A and B of the Form R +/- Wider Scope of Practice (available at the link below). A Wider Scope of Practice form should be completed for each role you undertake in your capacity as registered medical practitioner outside of your training. Examples include locum work carried out in another organisation/specialty; editor of a medical journal; medical cover at sporting events, teaching e.g. ATLS.

All such roles should also be declared in the Scope of Practice section of the Form R. Please be aware your Form R and whole scope of practice must mirror the ARCP period under review. The form R should be completed & uploaded onto your ISCP portfolio but no earlier than 30 days before the ARCP date. The Form R is a mandatory requirement at each ARCP for revalidation purposes and failure to submit the form may result in receiving an outcome 5.

Should you have any questions about your ARCP, please discuss this with your Educational Supervisors, College Tutors, or TPD who will be able to advise you accordingly. 

The ARCP review will chart your progress to date and will identify any specific training needs for the future. The results of the review will be recorded on your ISCP portfolio within the ARCP section. We advise you share the information relating to your ARCP outcome with your Educational Supervisor to facilitate further educational supervision.

Please see the School Structure page for Head of School, Training Programme Director, College Tutor and School Management contact details.