Role  Contact                                                                                                        
Head of School Ms Esther McLarty
Education Programme Manager  Carla Miners
Education Programme Co-ordinator Daniel Marshall
Head of Education Mr Karl Trimble 
Training Programme Directors                  Mr Mark Yeatman (Cardiothoracic)
Mr Eng Ong (Core Surgical Training)
Mr David Alderson (ENT)
Ms Sisse Olsen  (General Surgery)
Mr Richard Edwards (Neurosurgery)
Ms Lynne Fryer (Oral & Maxillofacial)
Lt Col Chris Taylor (Plastic Surgery)
Mr Michael Hockings (Trauma & Orthopaedics)
Mr Tim Bates (Urology)
Mr Richard Bulbulia (Vascular)
College Tutors  Ms Rachel Barnes (Cornwall)
Mr Frank McDermott (Exeter)
Ms. Ceri Beaton (North Devon)
Mr Paul Hunter-Campbell (Plymouth)
Mr Wesley Lai (Plymouth)
Mr Kirk Bowling (South Devon)
 Royal College of Surgeons Representatives   Professor Mike Horrocks (Council Member)
Trainee Representative (Core Training)

Plymouth: Dr Alfred Butt

Exeter: Dr Gauri Chillarge

Torbay: Dr Jonathon Sheen

Truro: Dr Thomas Lyons

North Devon: Dr Kayleigh Spellar


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