Trauma & Orthopaedic Regional Training Days

The Peninsula Trauma and Orthopaedic Training Programme training days take place every two weeks every month except for August.  The 3 year rolling programme is designed to cover the syllabus of all Trauma and Orthopaedic topics to FRCS level but it is not exhaustive and extra reading and revision is required in order to meet and satisfy the knowledge requirements to be successful at the FRCS (Tr&Orth) exam taken after four years of successfully completed training to the satisfaction of the Higher Surgical Training Committee.

Trainees are expected to attend all teaching sessions unless on annual or statutory leave. All trainees should keep a log of their attendance along with reasons for any non-attendance. This information should be uploaded to the ‘other evidence’ section of the ISCP as part of your ARCP evidence.

It is expected that trainees with their FRCS (Tr&Orth) would attend  up to 50% of the training days in order to offer their experience and recent knowledge to the more junior trainees and where needed to help in practical elements of the teaching programme.  They are also expected to produce a ‘diary’ for this period and be able to justify their absence with appropriate evidence of clinical work.

The winter term is interrupted by the UKITE exam and the FRCS mock exam, held every year on the first and second Friday in December.  These sessions are mandatory and it is expected that the post-FRCS trainees will attend to act as examiners along with local consultants.

The Teaching Programme/ Training Days are overseen by Mr Andrew Murphy. The programme dates are available in the table below.

Please see the School Structure page for Head of School, Training Programme Director, College Tutor and School Management contact details. 





07.10.2022 Paediatrics 2 - Trauma Flexi nail work shops and Plaster work shops  Mr J Aird & Mr R Hawkins
14.10.2022 Oscars Prof A Toms
04.11.2022 Paediatrics 3 - Hip Hip Hooray - DDH Perthes SCFE Plating Workshop Mr J Metcalfe & Ms L Tillotson
18.11.2022 SWOC Mr M Price & Mr K Odutola
09.12.2022 UKITE Exam  
16.12.2022 Mock Exam Mr D Hill
13.01.2023 Paediatrics 4 - Limb Deformity and exam practice Mr J Aird, Mr J Metcalfe, Mr G Wansborough
27.01.2023 Paediatrics 5 - Club foot and Bone Dysplasia Ms L Tillotson & Mr J Aird